Data protection

Identity and contact details of the controller responsible for data processing


Who is the data controller responsible for the processing of your data and how to contact it?


The entity: Proteus Pharma, S.L.

Registered office: Avenida Baja Navarra, 1, 4º E. 31002 Pamplona, Navarra, (Spain)

VAT no.: B66184292.

Telephone no.: (+34) 607039321

E-mail address:




What purpose do we process personal data for?


Based on the type of personal data processing performed, the responsible party will use these data for the following purposes:


Contact application form: The purpose will be the management of all the enquiries or information requests related to the products or services offered by the party responsible for data processing, as well as the establishment of whatever contact procedure between the responsible party and the applicant.


Product file request: The purpose of this data processing will be the management of product files requests received by the responsible party through the current website, with the purpose of sending the corresponding commercial file to the applicant, including sufficient and detailed information about the characteristics and conditions of the corresponding product.




How long will we keep your personal data?


The personal data provided will be stored, if applicable, either during the period the commercial relationship with the applicant exists or during the period needed for answering the enquiry made or for providing the applicant with the requested information. In this case, personal data could be stored for a longer period of time with statistical purposes connected to the type of queries received. In that case, personal data information will be stored in anonymous form.




What is the legal basis for processing your personal data?


The legal basis for data processing will be the consent granted by the applicant when checking the box of acceptance that allows the processing of his/her personal data for filling in and sending the corresponding contact form.




Will your personal data be shared with other entities, professionals or third parties?


In any case, personal data will be disclosed to third parties, unless otherwise requested to the responsible party by legal obligation.




Which rights can the applicant exercise with respect to the personal data collected?


The applicant, as owner of the personal data, will be able to exercise his/her rights to access, rectification, deletion, objection, restriction, portability and other rights legally recognized sending a written request to the responsible party for data processing to the following e-mail address, proving his/her identity. The applicant will be, in the same way, entitled to file a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency(“AEPD”) or control authority in the case he/she believes an infringement on the processing of his/her personal data has occurred.

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